Sociology Degree vs Social Work Degree

Sociology and social work are not the same academic areas. Although both within the social services (Psychology, politics, human resources, etc…), they focus on very different things.  Social work actually is based on many theoretical positions such as sociology, psychology, group theory, to organize community, economy, political science, anthropology, business administration, and more. Social work works on client systems to improve not only the life of the individual, but the functioning of society. Sociology is a theoretical measure that is of fundamental social phenomenon really. Now it is on, that many who work in the sociology strive to get involved within society, to get involved in trying to change it. The extent is not really you to prepare. During social work theory and practice.

Sociology is the academic study how people in groups interact and why. In other words, holders of a sociology degree typically deal with the events within society. Social work is a professional field of study concerned with the practical application of the techniques to alleviate the problems of the individual in society (poverty, crime, etc…)

The work necessary to begin within the field Social Work is limited to a Bachelor’s degree in any of the social sciences but within a professional position, you can require a professional degree such as master of social work (MSW), Master of Arts (MA) in counseling and a master of Arts in Psychology (specializing in consulting) or even a Master of education (MEd) in counseling . You can also check if this is your kind of thing, one of the degrees that pertain to Religious matters at Seminaries which are within the same track as Pastors.

The best this for people that just want to get out there and start helping people within a community immediately is the Masters in Social Work. There is such a thing as a Bachelors in Social Work in some schools, where you can get in the input stage of the field.  These are good for the entry level ideas but may be lacking when it comes to some of the exposure that you will be presented with an upper level degree and typically some of the experiences.

For advanced degrees in Social Work, if you decide to do it, require social work experience to enter into a program in Master’s in Social work which is usually abbreviated to represent MWS field. It is important, Without the BSW it will be not so easy to get.  Try to start volunteering in your community and get exposed to the issues that may be surrounding you. Counseling, social work, Psych, etc. pretty closely linked fields are natural. You can easily go for a MS in consultation with the BSW later or go for the MSW,Psychology major, if you are a consultant.

If there was one thing that I would like you to take away from this article is based on a quote I found online once that sums this up pretty accurately, “The actual difference between a sociologist and social workers is that the sociologist asks Why are these people arm” while the social worker asks , what I can about this poverty now”.  With all that I have said previously, who says isn’t it you need a master’s degree!  I know many people that are in the field today affecting lives and doing good for the community, The only difference, when they receive their master’s is that they pay me more money. Remember that much experience in working with young people is the key to landing a job.    Start volunteering now and make a difference!!!!

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